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Sustainable and circular architecture

Architects put their heart and soul into their projects. Whether this concerns a modern office building, an imposing bridge or an impressive museum, architects design them with an eye to the future.

The design is decisive for the final result. As an architect, you therefore have a responsible role. By thinking about the environmental effects, sustainability and circularity of your projects during the design phase, you are also mapping out the direction in which the building process will proceed. When you register this direction in Madaster, you can also easily share it with other stakeholders in the project. In this way, you will give a project the most sustainable start possible.

How Madaster can be of benefit to you

Environmentally aware and circular design is easier when you work with Madaster. It enables you to measure, at an early stage, whether your design complies with all environmental requirements. Madaster is a platform where reliable, enhanced data provide insight into the environmental impact of materials and products; for example, with respect to disassemblage options, circularity and CO2 emissions. Madaster goes further than other solutions, as it enables architects to easily share their design and all the material and product information about that design with other stakeholders. That is a good thing, for example, if you want to convince a client of the environmental and circular value of your design.

How it works

  • Register your project

    Although, as an architect, you create timeless objects, it is important that you move with the times and dare to think ahead. And, often, this is exactly what you are so good at.

    You already know that circularity will be the norm in construction and, therefore, also in the design of real estate objects. By registering with Madaster, you are one of the links at the front end of the chain, setting a good example. It only takes a few minutes to upload your BIM model and give your design its own identity.

  • Circular design gives you the advantage

    As an architect, in addition to delivering beautiful and functional designs, you also need to stand out from the rest.

    Demonstrating that your designs, besides being beautiful and functional, are also sustainable and circular, will give you that edge. It will help you win more prestigious commissions and establish your name as a progressive architect.

  • Claim your role as front runner

    You are one of the links at the beginning of the chain of project development and construction. This means that you also have to set an example.

    By designing in a circular way and registering all materials and products in Madaster, you show yourself worthy of that role. It proves that you are a leader in the field of future-proof construction, and are shaping a new international standard.

Harvest the benefits

Create your account on the Madaster platform

The Madaster Platform

In Madaster, material passports can be created, effortlessly, based on a BIM (IFC) or Excel document. By automatically enhancing them with information on circularity, environmental impact and residual value, your Madaster environment will become a valuable data source.

The overview of registered objects, enriched with insight from algorithms, is available through our area register. It visualises availability of materials on a user defined area level. It provides insight for policymakers and anyone looking for data on the built environment.

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