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Sustainable and circular production

As a manufacturer, you want to produce and deliver. The pressure is high and the competition is hot on your heels. Delivering products on time and in full, therefore, is your highest priority.

Your products need to comply with increasingly stricter regulations and requirements. New environmental legislation may have an impact on your work, again and again. More and more of your customers are asking for transparency about the environmental impact of your products in product passports, and you may be thinking about the circular possibilities for your products. In order to land large and lucrative contracts, you need to meet your customers’ expectations, in this respect. The circular manufacturing and handling of products and components plays a major role in this.


How Madaster can be of benefit to you

With its product passport, Madaster offers you and your customers insight into the sustainability and circularity of all your products. This enables you to show the environmental impact of your products and how they comply with current and  future environmental laws, such as the Digital Product Passport (DPP). Your customers will consider this a real advantage. In addition, you will also be able to give your customers access to a system in which they can keep track of the expected lifespan of products. In this way, you will be able to ‘track & trace’ all the products you have sold or provided through a ‘product-as-a-service’ contract. When products need to be replaced, Madaster will show you which products were used, where they are located in a building or infrastructure object, how they should be removed, whether you can reuse them, and what a good replacement product would be. This also ensures that you will stay involved in working for and with your customers, for many years to come.

How it works

  • Staying one step ahead of the competition

    In a highly competitive industry, a recurring challenging aspect is that of proving that your products are of premium quality and therefore outshine all others.

    You know your products like no other. Using Madaster to register all the materials and components used will put you one step ahead of the competition. The material and product passport provides information on how a product was created as well as on the environmental impact (toxicity and CO2) of each individual component. These insights are of great value for both current and potential customers.

  • Your offer has never been more transparent

    Traditionally speaking, materials are produced from the basic principle of functionality. A logical starting point, but these days, manufacturers are increasingly expected to also take sustainability and circularity into account — in both their production processes and their end product, thus creating a ‘cradle to gate’ insight.

    This requires an alternative approach to production, but also creates a number of great opportunities. With Madaster, your involvement and service continues after the sale. The product becomes a service. You offer clients the possibility of tracking the lifespan of each product and its components and use that information, amongst other things, for analysing and predicting CO2 emissions and environmental impact.

  • Buy-back option

    Once a product has been sold, this usually ends the involvement of its manufacturer. But if a product becomes a service, the manufacturer continues to monitor it during the time it is in use.

    By using Madaster, you can offer an additional service, as you will be able to indicate, at the appropriate time, when certain parts need replacing, so that you can continue to guarantee the functionality of the particular product. Madaster also gives you insight into the residual value of the various materials, and you will be able to buy them back and reuse them. This not only gives these materials a ‘second life’, but also includes them in the revenue model.

Harvest the benefits

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The Madaster Platform

In Madaster, material passports can be created, effortlessly, based on a BIM (IFC) or Excel document. By automatically enhancing them with information on circularity, environmental impact and residual value, your Madaster environment will become a valuable data source.

The overview of registered objects, enriched with insight from algorithms, is available through our area register. It visualises availability of materials on a user defined area level. It provides insight for policymakers and anyone looking for data on the built environment.

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