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Our purpose

  • Madaster regards the earth as a closed system within which there should be no waste.

    By giving the materials around us an identity, they acquire and retain value. Madaster was co-founded by Thomas Rau, architect, “climate pioneer” and co-author of the bestseller Material Matters.

  • Registering and documenting the materials and products used in the built environment provides insight into how these resources could be reused, time and again.

    This eliminates waste and will, slowly but surely, create a fully circular economy.

  • Madaster is a unique, innovative, disruptive online platform that offers users the opportunity to make their real estate data transparent and to comply with statutory rules and regulations.

    In addition, it also enables users to realise their environmental ambitions throughout the entire life cycle of a construction object.

  • Madaster is part of a larger picture. By closing the loop for all the materials and products used in the construction sector, we are also setting an example for other sectors to follow.

    We believe in the ability and responsibility of companies to effectuate change. Once they embrace a circular business model, the economy as we know it will change and this will enable us to live and work in harmony with the earth.

Madaster and the government; collaborating to serve a higher purpose

The UNFCCC’s Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement leave no room for doubt: it is vital that CO2 emissions are substantially reduced, if we are to ensure the survival of humankind and animal life and the planet as we know it. The European Union has set a CO2 emission reduction target of at least 40%, to be achieved in less than a decade (by 2030). Madaster believes that such a target can only be achieved under a government-mandated obligation for every sector to work in a circular manner. The solution that Madaster offers with the material passport and the connected, transparent database constitutes an important means towards achieving this.

The development of Madaster

  • Madaster was established in 2017 and started with 33 Kennedys

    Together with 33 front runners from the construction sector, we started creating Madaster. They are the pioneers, or Kennedys, who are striving for a future without waste.

  • In 2018, Madaster received funding through the EU Horizon 2020 framework programme

    The European Commission granted us a subsidy that enabled us to further develop the Madaster Platform, making it available to new users.

  • In 2019, Madaster began its international expansion

    Since then, activities have expanded into Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Belgium. These national branches brought us closer to new clients, enabling more rapid and effective services.

  • Ongoing development of Madaster

    A solid basis enables continual development. New features and automated data enhancement of the provided input turn Madaster into an invaluable data platform for the construction sector.

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