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23 nov 2023

What’s in it for me?

That is the key question when talking about the proposition of registering buildings and infrastructure on the Madaster Platform.

The Urban Land Institute (ULI), a nonprofit research and educational organisation, published fantastic research findings demonstrating the importance of collecting data and insights into the environmental impact of assets. Coupled with this are the transitional risks related to the inevitable transition towards a low-carbon environment.

The good news is that 89% of the organisations that contributed to the ULI survey factor transition risks into their investment decisions. The challenge is that of overcoming the greatest barrier (47%) they experience, which is the lack of knowledge about the right methodology/data sets. And this is where the Madaster advantage is particularly prominent!

Wonder why decarbonisation is continually moving higher up the investment agenda?

Download the C Change report from the ULI website.

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