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News 13 feb 2023

New customisable material passport

In the blog ‘Madaster platform developments’, our Product Manager David Parker mentioned the huge progress the Madaster platform has made since last year. The platform gained a long list of important features, including the addition of EPEA’s generic datasets, a new 3D viewer tab, new dashboards and benchmarking, a new area registry, improved subscription management, and a complete UX overhaul.
This year, another long list of new functionalities is underway based on market developments, user feedback and changing laws and regulations – the first of which is the new customisable material passport!

Dynamic material passport

Users of the Madaster platform can now choose different versions of the material passport, depending on which KPIs and level of detail they would like to include in their documents:


Users who are only interested in summary statistics can opt for a 1-Pager. This version of the material passport quickly provides the user with an at-a-glance overview of the object’s performance.

Executive summary

This version of the material passport is useful for users who want a short managerial report about a registered object. The short document contains summary statistics with graphs and descriptions.

Full passport

The full passport provides a solution when comprehensive and detailed information is needed on registered objects. In addition to graphs and descriptions, tables are included to represent detailed information.

Full passport with technical annex

If a user really wants to dive into the details and create their own reports, it is also possible to generate a full passport with a XLSX-based technical appendix. The new dynamic material passports allow users to quickly extract specific information from Madaster. Moreover, once a customised passport is configured, users can save their preferences for future passports. Just as easy! Not yet a user of the Madaster platform, but interested in the possibilities? Request a demo or contact us at info@madaster.at with no obligation.

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